Are you ready to take your game to the next level? We program all kinds of awesome Strength work and WODs throughout the week, but if your Nutrition is not up to par you will only be seeing part of the results that you should be.

We are launching a Nutrition program that is going to help you crush any type of plateau you may be facing. Nutrition plays a key role in not just recovery, but performance, energy, mood, and most importantly, life. We will teach you how to burn fat, gain muscle, sleep better, enjoy parties or outings without feeling like you just ruined your week, and gain more confidence inside and outside of the gym.

We will have two options for our program-

Meal plan: Everything written out for you from sun up to sun down

Macro guidance: Daily freedom to eat just about anything you want

The meal plan will cost $50. This covers your custom meal plan, initial consultation to go over your plan, and 1 check in at 4 weeks. You will eat the same for 4 weeks at a time and will be adjusted at your first check in if needed. Any separate check ins/adjustments will still happen in 4 week increments and will have a $20 consultation fee.

Macro Guidance will be $100/month. You will be given a custom set of Macronutrients(Proteins, carbs and fats), and sample meals to fill those Macros. You will check in once a week on a day decided by your coach, and will have changes to your Macros as needed when you check in. You will have a more personal relationship with your coach and will be able to text your coach(within business hours) if you get stuck in a sticky situation and cannot figure out what to eat to fill your numbers for that day. This plan has more freedom each week, but does require willpower and discipline in order to meet your goals daily. There will be no consultation fees for this plan.

With either plan, you will be invited into a private Facebook group of your peers. This will be a place that you can also ask for tips, help, ask questions or just go for motivation. You will be able to share your victories and lessons learned every day. 

If you are ready to take the leap, email to get started! We will ask a few questions, and you will have your plan within 48 hours!